Korea: Bulguk Bread

Tumuli Park and the Cheomseongdae Observatory were interesting and all, but my eyes couldn't help but stray toward the line of shops selling Gyeongju bread:

Everyone in our tour group descended upon one such store while we were waiting for our tourbus to pull out of the parking lot.

As with all the other stores lining the street, this place sold two types of bread, Gyeongju ppang and chalpolippang:

Other people bought boxes, but we ended up just getting free samples.  Here is the polippang:

It was very much like a tongluoshao (in Chinese) or dorayaki (in Japanese), except the bread itself was...wheatier...healthier tasting?

And here's a cut of the Gyeongju ppang:

The filling was red bean and the overall effect was kind of like a Chinese moon cake, but with a bread-y exterior.

Good, but not enough for me to buy a box of ten.

경북 경주시 황남동 193-2번지


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