Korea: Jeonju Cheonggukjang Bulgogi Ssambap

Our tour through the local seafood market whetted my appetite (why would the tour guide take us through a seafood market, tempt us with all the sights and smells...and then whisk us away on the bus?), so I was more than ready for lunch:

Unfortunately, it wasn't a seafood banquet as I'd hoped.

Instead, we got the usual panchan spread:

There was pan fried fish and japchae:

Pretty greens:

Perilla leaves:

These were my favorite.  They had a minty, almost spicy, flavor to them.

There was also tempura of some kind:

And an intensely kimchi-flavored jeon (pancake):

Cheonggukjang was one of our main dishes:

It was yummy, but nowhere as pungent as the cheonggukjang we had back in Suwon.

The other main dish was some kind of pork:

To make wraps (ssam), we were brought two platters with different kinds of greens:

I was quite proud of my wraps:

How gorgeous is that?

Anyway, the meal was good, but rather mediocre.  The kimchi jeon was a standout, as was the perilla kimchi.  Other than that, meh.

경북 경주시 인왕동 813-1


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