South Bay: Tea Era

After dinner, my Chicago law friend wanted some Taiwanese drinks, so we headed down the street to Tea Era:

We got a little confused at the street corner about which way to turn (no thanks to her smart phone), but ultimately my innate sense of direction (more like my food radar) led us to Tea Era's front door.

You know a pearl tea place is legit when there are hand written signs all over the wall:

My winter melon tea was found on one such sign:

As, I believe, was my friend's green mango drink:

Winter melon tea is one of my favorite summer drinks, but unless you make it yourself at home, it's not very common to find it in these beverage shops.  Tea Era's winter melon tea was good, but watered down compared to the good stuff in Taiwan.  Sigh.

Nothing beats actually going back to Taiwan, but for someone stuck in the States, Tea Era is a good alternative.  The prices are moderate and the selection is impressive.

Tea Era
271 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 969-2899


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