South Bay: Rangoli Indian Restaurant

My dear friend, NB, was leaving for Chicago for med school, so her family threw her a send-off lunch at Rangoli:

I didn't know quite what to expect when I first arrived with my mom and my sister.  To our amazement, we found the most awesome buffet spread we've ever seen:

There was a salad section, a dessert section, lots of curries, and all sorts of yummy stuff.

We were brought fresh naan at the table, both plain and garlic:

Lamb, fish, chicken, veggies...everything you could possibly want:

Unfortunately, I'm not sure how much the buffet cost, as NB's mom paid the bill.  Rangoli's Yelp page does have a little note advertising its weekday lunch buffet at $11.99, but we went on a Sunday, so I don't know if Rangoli has a weekend buffet as well or if it was specially set up for our party.

Regardless, I was very impressed by Rangoli and really wish I'd known about the place earlier.

I'm really excited for NB and the new adventure she's embarking on in Chicago.  Okay, part of that comes from a selfish place because now I'll have her close to me (20 minutes away close, rather than two-hour flight away close).  Best of luck to you, NB!  I can't wait to join you in Chicago and have lots of food fun together!

Rangoli Indian Restaurant
3695 Union Ave
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 377-2222


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