Chicago: Lawrence's Fisheries

After my second final, I just didn't want to do anything. Anything even remotely productive, that is. Good thing my friend (who took the same final) was on the same page as I was. It didn't take much convincing for her to agree on a Lawrence's Fisheries run:

Lawrence's Fisheries is supposed to be the best place to go for late night food. can it get any better than hitting up a 24-hour fried seafood joint after a long night of bar hopping (or if you're more like me...a long night of restaurant hopping)?

Looks can be deceiving. Lawrence's Fisheries is a lot bigger on the inside than it seems from the outside:

My friend and I figured out our order before we left the house. I'm not even sure if she was done with her final when we were gchatting about what we wanted to eat.

For the sake of trying a little bit of everything, we went with the half order of each item. As my roommate was waiting at home, we took everything to go.

We opted for the fried catfish strips instead of the whole catfish:

I wasn't all that impressed. My favorite fried catfish is still at the Boiling Crab back in California. Next time I'll definitely go for the whole fish.

I'd never heard of a wing-zing before:

Surprisingly, this was my favorite of the bunch. I'm not usually a chicken wing kind of girl, but there was something about these chicken wings, er, wing-zings that made them AMAZING.

You can never go wrong with fried oysters:

I still prefer my oysters raw, but these were good too...though I think the ones at Calumet Fisheries might have been better.

Of course we had to order the fried shrimp:

I expected to enjoy these a lot more than I actually did.

As usual, my friend went a little overboard with the ordering. For some reason she thought that we would need 12 hot sauce packets:

Lawrence's hot sauce is part of what makes the place unique. I'm not usually a hot sauce fanatic, but even I liked this stuff. And those saltine crackers were legit.

As a bit of a caveat, I'm sure everything would've tasted exponentially better if we had consumed it at the restaurant instead of waiting until we got back home. This just means I need to go back again to get the full Lawrence experience.

The half orders may not look like a lot of food, but they actually go a pretty long way. When I picked up our order at the counter, I predicted that I would need to fry up some rice after I got home, but the need never arose. It was with a pretty content tummy that I sat down with my friend to watch Tangled for my 3rd time in 3 days. (I know, I was pretty obsessed...but it's such a good movie! Especially when you're trying to get out of studying.)

Lawrence's Fisheries
2120 S Canal St
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 225-2113


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