Chicago: Zaleski and Horvath MarketCafe (Revisited)

Saturday was supposed to be a hardcore study day...which is why I waited until after lunch to get crackin'. Anyway, I knew I had to get out of the apartment or I would never get any work done so I attached myself to my roommate who was heading to the library on campus.

She didn't let me down. She mentioned lunch before I even had to. (We're telepathic like that.) On the way to the library, we stopped by Z&H for some much needed sustenance.

There was a sign inside for beignets, 3 for $5. How could we resist? We got one raspberry, one vanilla cream, and one plain powdered sugar:

Biggest letdown of the week. The beignets were greasy and oily and LOOK HOW GYPPED WE WERE ON FILLING:

That aside, I enjoyed my sandwich. In typical roomie fashion, we each picked a sandwich and ate half of both. I ordered the Lil' Smoky & O'Malley:

It consists of smoked turkey, brie, curried mayo, tomato chutney, and romaine on grilled wheat. The mayo and chutney are what really make the sandwich.

The side (Israeli couscous?) was sadly overcooked and under-seasoned.

My roommate went with the 90 miles to Mosak, which is essentially pork belly, onion, ham, swiss, pickle, and mustard on French bread:

Unfortunately, the pork belly was a bit dry and that's all I remember about it.

After dallying for as long as we could without excessively annoying the people waiting for seats (you know what I'm talking about...when you're waiting for a table and you're really hungry, but people who have finished eating just refuse to LEAVE and chit chat somewhere else), we grudgingly picked up our books and made our way to the library.

I hate the library.

Zaleski and Horvath MarketCafe
1323 E 57th St
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 538-7372


  1. I used to think I ate out a lot. Nope, you win.


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