New York: Levain Bakery

We accidentally stumbled upon the newly opened branch of Levain Bakery while we were strolling about Harlem. I had definitely planned on going to Levain...I just didn't expect to go there on my first day in New York:

We nabbed two monster cookies and brought them back to my friend's apartment to enjoy:

I couldn't help gawking at the chocolate chip walnut cookie and the chocolate peanut butter cookie. They were beautiful from every angle:

$4 a cookie is a lot...but ohmigawdtheyweresoridiculouslygood!! They're big and chewy and just wonderful. The chocolate chip walnut was good, but the chocolate peanut butter was uber decadent. I really wish I had some milk though.

We were really tired after rowing on the lake in Central Park (well, my friend was tired because she did all the rowing, but hey, I was running on two hours of sleep!). These cookies gave us the much needed energy boost to get out of the house and make it to our dinner reservations.

Levain Bakery
2167 Frederick Douglas Blvd
New York, NY 10026


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