New York: Joe's Shanghai

After a quick calculation, we figured we had enough time to fit in lunch at Joe's Shanghai before catching our 1:00pm ferry to the Statue of Liberty:

This post is only about the soup dumplings...because that's all we ordered. For some reason, the three of us decided that we needed to order 3 steamers of soup dumplings. That's 8 per person. Which doesn't sound that bad...until you actually start eating.

We got one order of crab and pork:

And two orders of the pork:

I like to eat my soup dumplings by taking a bite out of the skin and then pouring vinegar directly into the dumpling. This shot was taken pre-vinegar bath:

In hindsight, we shouldn't have ordered so many dumplings, especially after sharing 6 donuts. To make things worse, my sister tricked my friend and I into believing that she'd already eaten her 8 dumplings, forcing the two of us to finish the 4 that were left. Ugh...we left in pain. But delicious pain.

The soup dumplings at Joe's are really good, but not as good as what you can get in Taiwan. They were pretty my 5th one I felt like I had an entire baby pig in my stomach. I shouldn't complain though. Where else can you get 8 pork dumplings for $4.65 and 8 crab and pork ones for $6.65?

We ended up getting to the ferry terminal before our scheduled ticket time, but we forgot to calculate in the massive line that wove around the block. Where do all those people come from? Don't they have anything better to do on a Tuesday afternoon? We managed to get on the island in time to be the last ones up the statue to the crown, but we didn't have enough time to explore Ellis Island. Bummer.

On the upside, I think the 300-some stairs up to and the trip down from the crown worked off...umm...2 soup dumplings. Sigh.

And I still think they should invest in a lemonade stand at the top of Lady Liberty. They'd make a killing for sure.

Joe's Shanghai
9 Pell St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 233-8888


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