New York: Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

After pizza at Grimaldi's, we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (per my friend's request) and then took a short subway ride back to Chinatown, where we got dessert at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory:

I first found out about this place on a TV show...but I can't remember which. The array of flavors available was just as impressive in person as it was from a TV screen:

There were the usual flavors and then there were the more "exotic" Asian-inspired ones, such as almond cookie, egg custard (dan ta), black sesame, and wasabi.

I was immediately drawn to the lychee ice cream:

I can't help it. I love lychee and this ice cream had actual lychee pieces in it. Love at first bite.

My sister wanted the pistachio:


We all wanted to try more flavors, but the chick behind the counter was very impatient. I had just asked for my first tasting when she barked at us, informing us in a very obnoxious tone that we were only allowed 2 tastings each. After that, we were all slightly afraid of her. We quickly placed our orders, carefully watching her facial expression the entire time. She even huffed when my friend asked to get her scoop in a cone instead of a cup. Needless to say, we all shuffled out as soon as we could.

I actually remember that chick from the show I saw. She was waaaaaay nicer on TV.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
65 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 608-4170


  1. Love your posts! Do try the almond cookie next time =]


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