Chicago: Franco's Tacos

My roomie and I were actually very good on Saturday. After lunch, we stayed in the library studying all day like good little grad students. I didn't even get distracted by Youtube...that often.

Anyway, we decided we deserved a break that night. A good friend of ours joined us at the library toward the end, but by that time, my heart wasn't in my Federal Counterterrorism Law notes anymore (not that it ever was). I guess I wasn't the only one because in-between forcing myself to chug out a few more points in my outline, the three of us began to plan what to do about dinner.

The original plan was to grab some groceries, rent a movie from a Redbox, and then head home to cook and eat. When the other two found out that I'd never been to Michael's Fresh Market, it was quickly decided that we would go there for groceries:

The original plan was modified when we walked past Franco's Tacos inside the supermarket. No drawn out discussion necessary:

Food was a tad slow in coming out (seeing as to how we were the only 3 people in there), but after collecting our food, loading our groceries into the car, and scrolling through 2 Redboxes before finally choosing a movie, we headed back to our friend's place to unwind.

As usual, my roomie and I split our booty:

Large horchata of course. There is no other way to enjoy horchata except in the largest cup available. Trust me.

We ordered 2 lengua tacos and 2 al pastor tacos:

I really wish we had some limes because those would've really sealed the deal.

We also split a carne asada burrito, which was kindly cut in half for us:

A little heavy on the salt, but sooooooo satisfying:

Definitely not the best Mexican fare around, but it really does do the job after a long day of hitting the books. Especially if you're eating it in front of a TV.

We ended up picking Morning Glory as our movie for the night and surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. "FLUFFY!" (If you didn't get that, watch the movie.)

Franco's Tacos
(inside Michael's Fresh Market)
1300 E 47th St
Chicago, IL 60615


  1. lol that looks like the perfect late nite snack! I'll have to check out Micheal's Fresh market and Frasco's Tacos for sure. MMmm Horchata!


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