New York: Shake Shack

Before my sister and I headed out for the day, my friend looked up Shake Shack's custard calendar for us. We were very disappointed that we'd missed the afternoon tea flavor by a day, but my sister and I decided to go anyway:

Why does it always seem to rain when I'm in New York? Ugh. Is nice weather too much to ask for?

There are two lines at Shake Shack (one is for custard only):

There's a small area for seats on the ground floor, but there's also a small rec room downstairs. Luckily we went a bit earlier than the usual lunch crowd and were able to score a table downstairs.

We started off with some fries:

My sister wanted the Shack Burger:

Whereas I wanted nothing less than the Shack Stack:

A Shack Stack is basically a cheeseburger plus a 'shroom burger. The 'shroom is the best part. It's a fried portobello mushroom stuffed with muenster and cheddar cheese. How great does that sound?

Oozing cheese galore:

Even better, we found out that we could order yesterday's pint...which means AFTERNOON TEA CUSTARD:

Best custard ever!!! (Totally deserves the exclamation marks.) It was actually refreshing. The perfect palette cleanser after a greasy burger. It included shortbread chunks and tiny raisins, which contributed little bursts of tartness. My sister and I started our meal with the custard and ended it with the custard. So gooood!!

Shake Shack is a must when visiting New York. There's simply no excuse for missing out on a good burger when you're in town.

Shake Shack
366 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024
(646) 747-8770


  1. Hi,

    We wanted to thank you for visiting our Upper West Side Shake Shack and for sharing your experience on your blog. We're happy to hear you enjoyed your meal - and we look forward to welcoming you back soon. Many thanks!

    All the best,

    The Shake Shack Team


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