South Bay: Kang Nam Tofu House

If there's one thing besides noodles that my mom can't turn away from, it's Korean tofu.  She adores soondubu.  She'd been eyeing Kang Nam Tofu House for so long that I finally took pity on her and agreed to go:

We were a little wary by how little people were there, but it was early for dinner:

My mom judges all Korean restaurants based on their panchan.  The spread at Kang Nam isn't quite as impressive as the one at Bob Sang, but I was just glad they had my favorite potato panchan:

Here's the rest of the spread:

Our soondubu came with purple rice and eggs:

My mom wanted to try the tofu pancake ($8.99) and what my mom wants, she gets:

Never had a tofu pancake before.  It was good, but I wasn't exactly wowed by it.

Then came the soondubu ($10.99):

I forgot what my mom ordered, but I got the ramen one:

You can choose between plain, mild, medium, or hot.  I decided to be courageous and chose mild.  Go me!

Kang Nam Tofu House certainly wasn't bad, but my mom and I left a little disappointed.  Where that disappointment stemmed from, we couldn't really pinpoint.  All we knew was that we still preferred Bob Sang in Fremont.

Kang Nam Tofu House
1747 N Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 946-5100


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