South Bay: Joanie's Cafe

When CL first told me about dumpster diving at Stanford, I was skeptical.  And kind of grossed out.  Then she explained about the absurdly rich Stanford undergrad students that shamelessly throw away just about everything when they move out and I was intrigued.

A virtually brand new DSLR camera?  A $200 LED lamp?  Sign me up!

So this summer, T and I bugged CL into taking us on a field trip to Stanford.  Before we started our dumpster diving adventure, we stopped by Joanie's Café for some much needed sustenance:

Joanie's is obviously a very popular place for brunch on a weekend.  Luckily, it's located right on the same street as the Palo Alto Farmer's Market, so we were able to keep ourselves occupied as we waited.

A couple peach and nectarine samples later, we were inside:

The three of us split three things.  First there was the omelette St. Jacques ($12.50):

The omelette was made with crab, scallops, shrimp, avocado, green onion, and cherry tomatoes and was doused with Hollandaise sauce.  We got to choose between home fries, hash browns, or fruit.  Screw the healthy choice, we went with home fries.  We also got to choose between toast or a muffin.  Uh...muffin.  Duh.

We also got the smoked salmon crepe ($11.50):

We decided to go with the hash browns this time.  (Still eschewing the healthy route.)

The crepe came stuffed with fluffy eggs, smoked salmon, shallots, cream cheese, and tomato:

CL wanted the capers on the side.  Such a picky one, that girl.

To add some sweetness, for our third entree, we got the french toast ($8.25)

Everything we ordered at Joanie's Cafe was lovingly prepared, lovingly plated, and lovingly stuffed into our bellies.  Nothing disappointed.

Except maybe the home fries.  While they were good, they still didn't quite measure up to the perfect La Note home fries of my memories.  I'm starting to think nothing will.  Not even the actual home fries from La Note.

So how did dumpster diving go for us in the end?

We found a pretty new looking mini fridge, but that was about it.  Either we were there too early and the undergrad students hadn't moved out yet or we were just beaten by the dump truck.  T managed to salvage a rug, but both CL and I returned home empty-handed.

Sigh.  Better luck next year.

Joanie's Café
405 S California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 326-6505


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