Tri-City: New Yong Kang Seafood Restaurant

When I was a kid, Chinese restaurants were you could choose three dishes and get a soup for a set price were all the rage.  The one we went to most often closed down, but New Yong Kang Sefood Restaurant still remains:

My parents and I stopped by one evening after I got off work since it's close to the BART station and my mom wasn't in the mood to cook dinner.

It's not as busy as I remember it being when I was younger, but there were still quite a few people dining inside and others ordering to go:

Almost the minute you sit down, you're brought tea and soup.  The soup is always this mysterious meat broth with veggies and tiny pieces of meat:

For $19.50, you get to choose any three dishes.  If you want rice, it's an additional $1.10 per person.  The menu is quite extensive and while the food isn't exactly gourmet, it's decent.

For our three dishes, we went with the walnut prawns:

The prawns were lightly battered and fried, just how I like it.  Some restaurants dunk the prawns in thick batter.  You know what I'm talking about.  The kind where you can't see the shrimp through the fried shell.  I hate that.  It gets soggy quickly and usually the batter to prawn ratio is just ridiculous.

We also ordered the salt and pepper flounder:

It was perfectly fried, bones and all.  Not very oily, but also not very flavorful.  Someone forgot the salt.  Sigh.

To round off our three, we got the string beans:

My family loves this dish and we order it a lot when we go out because my mom hates frying the beans at home.

Because we always order way too much, of course we had to order two more dishes a la carte.

My dad can never turn away a steamed chicken with green onion and ginger sauce:

And as a noodle fanatic, my mom just had to try the Thai-style vermicelli:

Not very Thai, but what do you expect in a Chinese restaurant?

As I said, New Yong Kang isn't the fanciest of places, but it's cheap and there's not much to complain about when it comes to the food.  If you're looking for a quick Chinese meal, screw Panda Express and go with New Yong Kang.

New Yong Kang Seafood Restaurant
40900 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 252-9926


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