South Bay: Com Tam Thanh

T wanted to take me to get broken rice for what seemed like forever.  She kept telling me how broken rice is just different from regular rice, how much better it is.

Since both my sister and CK were in town over the summer (CK's fiancé had to leave early to get back to work), we used them as an excuse to finally make it to Com Tam Thanh:

We got there pretty early, but the restaurant quickly filled up by the time our food arrived:

We figured we'd start with some spring rolls to whet our appetite:

Then came the broken rice.  Finally:

We got the pork chop, which also came with picked carrots and daikon, a shredded pork skin salad (say what?) called bi, and fried bean curd.  When you mix the pork skin with the rice, it's heavenly.  Add some fish sauce and you're golden.

Even though broken rice was really all that we wanted, we added a bowl of vermicelli with duck and bamboo shoots to appease the waiter:

The duck and assorted veggies came on the side:

While the vermicelli noodle soup was good, I've always been a rice kind of gal.  Broken rice certainly has a different texture than regular rice, but I'm not sure if I totally grasp why people love it so much.  Yet.  I think I need to try it a couple more times before I can give a well-reasoned opinion.

T, when we getting broken rice again?

Com Tam Thanh
905 S Bascom Ave
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 279-8588


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