South Bay: Butter & Zeus

Now that I've started working, I completely understand why people find it so difficult to meet up on the weekdays.  It really takes planning...and sacrifice.  By the time I get home from work, I just want to go to bed.  Screw dinner.

The last thing I want is to have to drag my butt back out to meet a friend.  Even on a Friday night.  But for T, I would do it.  Especially if we had something to celebrate.

Back in August, T found out that she landed her first job out of pharmacy school.  A celebratory dinner was in order.

Luckily, T already had a restaurant picked out so I didn't have to activate my brain cells:

When T told me that Butter & Zeus specializes in waffles, I was intrigued.

It was quiet inside for a Friday night:

We placed our order at the counter and then took a number back to our table to wait for our food.  T checked in on Facebook and got us a free fountain drink.  It's times like this that tempt me to get a smart phone.

We ordered the chicken 'n waffle ($6.99): 

The waffle came topped with buttermilk fried chicken and a touch of honey.  It also came with a side of slaw.  Forget the slaw (it wasn't all that great) and focus on the fried chicken.  Perfectly fried and juicy, it was sublime with maple syrup and a bite of the waffle.

We also ordered the brie 'n prosciutto waffle ($7.49):

The blueberry preserves served as a sweet compliment to the savory prosciutto.  Not as spectacular as the chicken 'n waffle, but pretty damn good.

We couldn't help adding on the barbacoa pork fries ($6.99):

The fries (waffle, of course) were smothered in cola pulled pork, sour cream, cilantro-lime dressing, and green onion.  Kind of sweet, definitely salty, and very yummy.

Since we were celebrating, we couldn't leave without dessert.  We could have ordered one of the dessert waffles, but we were kind of all waffled out.  Instead, we went with the banana pudding ($4.99):

Very rich and creamy.  Not quite as decadent as the one from Magnolia Bakery, but a good substitute when you don't have a Magnolia handy.

Great find in the South Bay.  I wouldn't mind another visit to Butter & Zeus.  There are plenty more waffle sandwiches just waiting for me to try.

Congratulations again, T.  I know how frustrated you are still waiting for the California boards results, but I know you kicked ass on it and I guarantee you'll be getting the good news soon.  Woot!

Butter & Zeus
2213 Tasman Dr
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 727-1800


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