South Bay: Harry's Hofbrau

Once my sister was back home for the summer, T and I pulled together a fun fat day in her honor.  We started off at Harry's Hofbrau:

Don't ask me why we picked Harry's.  I don't remember.  It might have been a random Yelp search.

No wait.  I remember now.  I wanted mac and cheese.

Once you step inside Harry's Hofbrau, the first thing you'll see is the massive counter where you place your order and watch your food being assembled.  Think cafeteria style.  Just grab a tray and go:

The special of the day was a BBQ beef sandwich on a julian roll:

The beef was very sweet and not bad at all, though not exactly mind blowing either.

We also ordered the hot sandwich.  Our choices of meat included roast turkey, roast beef, baked ham, and pork loin.  We went with the roast beef:

It came open faced with a side of mashed potatoes all smothered in gravy.  Nothing too special.  Just beef on basic white bread, but man, with the gravy?  You can't stop until you've sopped up every last drop.

The whole point of going to Harry's was to satisfy my mac and cheese craving:

Like it came out of the box.  But sometimes that's all you need.

Harry's Hofbrau
390 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 243-0434


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