Redwood Highway: Loose Caboose Cafe

Over Labor Day weekend, CL had the brilliant idea of taking a trip up to see the redwoods.  The most brilliant part of it all was that CL and her friends took care of all the planning.  T and I just had to pack our bags and pile into the rented van.

On our way to the Avenue of the Giants, we made a stop in the city of Willits for lunch.  Loose Caboose Cafe came up in a Yelp search: 

It was really cozy inside and felt like a place where everyone knew everyone:

There were six of us in total and we snagged the largest table inside.

Our server was this really friendly young woman who cheerfully explained to us that something funny was going on with the water in Willits.  Ooookay...  She suggested that we order bottled water, which we did, and was nice enough to subtract the bottles we didn't open from our final bill.

While everyone else figured out what they wanted to order, CL, T, and I decided to split two sandwiches and one salad.

Our first sandwich was the Santa Fe chicken ($7.95):

It included spicy ranch, mild green chili, bacon, baked chicken breast, cheddar cheese, lettuce, avocado, and tomato.

Our second was the french dip connection ($7.95):

Which consisted of basil vinaigrette, roast beef, and swiss cheese, with a dish of au jus.

In retrospect, sharing sandwiches that have been pre-cut into halves between three people isn't the easiest thing to do.  We probably should've requested that they be left whole...or cut into threes.  That would've been smart, wouldn't it?

Yea.  Obviously higher education doesn't necessary equal sandwich smartness.

The locomotive chef salad ($8.95) was much easier to share:

It was loaded with stuff.  Turkey, ham, red bell peppers, black olives, carrots, tomatoes, red onions, and two types of cheese...holy moly.  What Loose Caboose Cafe didn't have in quality, it definitely made up in quantity.

I doubt I'll ever find myself in Willits again, unless I'm taking another trip to see the redwoods.  However, if I do find myself in Willits, I wouldn't mind hitting up Loose Caboose Cafe again.  The service is friendly and the decor is cute and homey.  And while I thought they were a bit on pricey side, the sandwiches were good.

I would skip the salad though.  I think it should be a rule to always try to order things that you can't make at home (or at least can't make conveniently).  The locomotive chef salad did not fall into that category.  I'm no whiz in the kitchen, but even I can shred turkey and slice cheese.

Last thought: hopefully, Willits got its water fixed after we left.       

Loose Caboose Cafe
10 Wood St
Willits, CA 95490
(707) 459-1434


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