Yosemite: Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort

When CK promised (threatened?) to visit at least once every six months, she really wasn't kidding.  She and her fiancé came out to California back in August.  Since my family was already planning a trip to Yosemite, we invited them along.

We spent our first day in Yosemite hiking (less than) halfway up the Four-Mile Trail, ditching CK's fiancé to hike the rest of the way by himself, and then driving the long scenic route to meet him at the top.  We ended our day at Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort where we patiently waited to catch the Perseid meteor shower.

Somehow I always ended up looking at the wrong patch of sky.  I only saw one meteor (though it was a doozy of a meteor) while everyone else walked away with at least five or six under their belts.

When I think of meteor showers, I picture a bazillion meteors streaking across the sky like pouring rain.  Not the random trickle we saw.

Freakin Perseid meteor shower. 

Anyway, we started our second day in Yosemite with breakfast at the Yosemite Bug Cafe:

Definitely very rustic:

Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:30.  My family got there before CK and her fiancé.  Because we were cutting it kind of close to the kitchen closing time, we ordered first.

I don't remember if it was my mom or my sister that ordered this, but someone got the ham and cheese omelette ($9):

It came with a choice of toast or hash browns.  You can see what we went with.

Whoever did not order the omelette ended up with the breakfast burrito ($8):

It came stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, black beans, chipotle sour cream, salsa, and avocado:

My dad wasn't super hungry, so he wanted the continental ($6):

It included two eggs, toast, and a drink.  He wanted coffee.

I also wasn't very hungry, so I got the continental too.  But I made the mistake of asking for the eggs to be scrambled:

Is that not the saddest scrambled eggs you've ever seen?  Not even ketchup could save it.

Not the most glamorous of breakfasts, but what else can you expect from a resort made of tent cabins?  Okay, that's not entirely true.  There were also dorm cabins and private rooms.

Yosemite Bug is great place to stay if you're visiting Yosemite National Park on a budget.  The staff are super friendly and while walking up steep stairs to get to your tent cabin can get quite tiring (especially while carrying luggage), it's quiet and very peaceful.  There's a kitchen for those of you who pack your own grub (as we did for dinner) and for those of you who want to avoid the hassle, the cafe isn't too bad.  Check it out!

We spent the rest of the day gawking at giant sequoias and romping through meadows before finally heading home.  It was a long way to drive, but it was nice to get out of the bustle of the Bay for a while and just relax and soak in nature.  Though I still detest hiking from the deepest part of my itty bitty heart, even a bitter old cynic like me can't deny the majesty of Yosemite.

Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort
6979 California 140
Midpines, CA 95345
(209) 966-6666


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