Tri- City: Bob Sang Korean BBQ & Tofu

My mom's favorite Korean place is in Fremont.  It's called Bob Sang and it's kind of located in the middle of nowhere:

But boy, is it popular:

If you don't go early enough, prepare to wait.

The main reason why my mom loves Bob Sang so much is its abundance of banchan.  There's japchae:

Potatoes (my personal favorite):

Pickled daikon:

Fish cake:

Acorn jelly:


Bean sprouts:


And daikon kimchi:

Everything is refillable.  Except maybe the japchae.  We've never had that one refilled before.

My mom and ahyi always order the same thing, but my dad likes to switch it up every once in a while.  That particular night, he tried the spicy squid saute:

Not as much squid as he would've like, but I enjoyed it.

I put up with my mom's frequent requests to go to Bob Sang because of this:

Corn cheese.  I don't need anything else.  The corn sizzles on the hot plate with some kind of cole slaw sauce.  Sweet and creamy and yummy in my tummy.  Much better than what I had at Toyose.

My mom always orders the mushroom tofu soup:

While my ahyi always gets the kimchi tofu soup:

I got the doenjang jjigae or Korean style miso stew:

After the meal, everyone gets a cup of ginger rice water:

I love that stuff.

The service at Bob Sang is kind of impatient, but doesn't yet cross the line into rudeness.  It certainly doesn't keep people like my mom away though.

Bob Sang also has all you can eat BBQ for those who have that kind of stomach space.  If one person orders it, everyone at the table has to.  At $19.99 per person, it's not too bad.  You get unlimited raw cuts of meat that you can cook yourself at your table, unlimited BBQ prepared in the kitchen, and side dishes.  I've never done it before because I'm weaksauce and I never eat my worth in buffets.

For the corn cheese alone, I'll go to Bob Sang as many times as my mom wants.

Bob Sang Korean BBQ & Tofu
4185 Cushing Pkwy
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 252-9844


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