Oakland: Bakesale Betty

Another work lunch field trip brought a couple of us to Bakesale Betty.  The line was daunting as expected:

I'd been to Bakesale Betty once while I was at Berkeley and I always remembered the experience fondly.  Though the line is long, the wait isn't really that bad.  Once you're inside, you find out why.  There's not really much in terms of a menu.  Just a couple sheets of butcher paper listing the fried chicken sandwich, the fried chicken salad, and an array of baked goods.

Besides a cashier where you order and a counter where you pick up your order in a brown paper bag, there's not much else inside.  The only tables are the cool-looking ironing boards lining the sidewalk.  Most people take their goodies and tuck in elsewhere, like we did.

Back at the office, I unveiled my fried chicken sandwich ($9) under the covetous gazes of my coworkers who weren't lucky enough to go on the field trip:

Juicy fried chicken and tangy, slightly spicy cole slaw make this a sandwich that's difficult to put down.  It's really doesn't get much better than this.

Except for maybe the strawberry shortcake ($5):

Dense shortcake soaking in strawberry juices topped with fresh strawberries and rich, homemade whipped cream...yum.  It's seasonal, so make sure to snatch one in the spring.

Bakesale Betty is awesome.  If only it were closer to my office...

Bakesale Betty
5098 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 985-1213


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