Tri-City: Little Shen Yang

After returning to the States from our bar trip, CK was bedridden for almost a week.  She finally figured out that she was going through withdrawals from her motion sickness patch, which she basically had on during the entire duration of our trip.

When CK was finally able to stomach something besides soup, we took her to Little Shen Yang for some Chinese.  

I let my parents handle the ordering, as I usually do when we hit up a Chinese restaurant.

We tried to avoid too intensely flavorful dishes for the sake of CK's still weak stomach.  Instead, we went the lighter route with fish filet and wood ear mushrooms:

Lamb with pickled cabbage soup:

My mom wanted the string beans for herself:

Though CK had some too.

Instead of white rice, we ordered a chicken rice with black beans, which came steamed in lotus leaves:

The fun part is unwrapping the rice like a Christmas present:

As if that wasn't enough, my mom wanted cold noodles:

Way too much food for the 4 of us, especially with one still kinda hovering on the brink of death.  That's what happens when my friends come to visit.  My parents suddenly want to order everything.

Which means that every time a friend comes to visit, I get fat.


Little Shen Yang
El Mercado Shopping Center
1749 Decoto Rd
Union City, CA 94587
(510) 489-7288


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