Cambodia: Srey Koulen Restaurant

After coming down the mountain, we stopped at Srey Koulen Restaurant for lunch:

Though we knew it was futile, we still asked Vhet whether he would like to join us.  As expected, he declined politely.

Instead, we sat with the other tourists while Vhet when to join the other tour guides:

Unlike our previous meals, this one was not included in the package.  The menu was pretty extensive, so we didn't really know what to order.

I decided I wanted a lemon iced tea.  What came was exactly that, I suppose.  But I would have never expected to get Thai tea with lemon in it:

Blech.  Even better was CK's lemon soda.  She got an empty glass, a can of soda water and three lime wedges.  I had a field day watching her squeeze her own lime juice.

CK and I decided to share an appetizer and an entree.  We started with some egg rolls:

Not sure what was inside, but it was tasty:

We also ordered some kind of peanut chicken stir-fry:

Decent enough.  Can't complain.

I really wish we could have seen what the tour guides were eating.  Their table overflowed with plates that looked quite appetizing from afar.

Later, Vhet let us in on a secret that really isn't a secret.  Tourists are given a different menu from tour guides.  Not only is there a price gap, but the selection itself is different.

Sigh.  I really don't understand tourist food.

Srey Koulen Restaurant
Banteay Srey Village, Khnar Sanday Commune
Banteay Srey District, Siem Reap, Cambodia
012 793 187


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