Cambodia: Angkor Miracle

Vhet teased us with the possibility of tagging along with him back to his village and seeing how the locals really live.  We were really looking forward to it too.  And then came the Cambodian rain.  

Thwarted.  By the damn weather.  Ugh.

Instead, Vhet brought us back to our hotel, the Angkor Miracle, where we ended our 3-day tour of Siem Reap with awkward goodbyes:

Gotta love them awkward goodbyes.

Dinner, apparently, was up to us.  CK and I toyed with the idea of venturing out to find food, but in the end, our laziness triumphed and we ordered room service.

It was my first time ever trying room service, so I was excited.  Don't judge.

Our tray came with a covered plate and two glasses of pineapple juice:

Last meal in Siem Reap and we went with a club sandwich:

I know.  Shame on us.  But in total honesty, that was probably the best damn club sandwich I've had in a long while.  And the fries were brilliant.  Freshly fried and all that good stuff.

Being newbies to room service, we didn't really know what to do with our tray after we finished eating.  We finally decided to just dump our tray outside of our room and see what happened.

During our meal, we kept hearing suspicious shouting and slamming next door.  We joked about the mafia being on the other side of the wall from us while I was opening the door to dispose of our tray.  I looked up after setting down the tray to find myself face to face with three men who, honest to God, looked like a mob boss and his two lackeys from a Bruce Lee film.  Short, rotund Asian man with Kim Jong Il hair.  Two mean-looking dudes flanking him.  All three dressed in shades of either olive green or brown.

I believed I eep-ed, spun around, dove back into the room, and slammed the door.  Not obvious at all.

Angkor Miracle
National Road No. 6
Khum Sra Nge, Siem Reap-Angkor, Cambodia
063 969 900


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