Berkeley: Ici

We spent most of the afternoon just sitting on Memorial Glade and people watching.  More like dog watching, actually.  When we finally deigned to move ourselves, we meandered down to Ici for some ice cream.  (TT seriously wants to try every ice cream place in the Bay.)

There was already a long line outside:

Ici had an efficient system in place.  The flavors of the day were posted outside and menus were also passed down the line:

Staff members came out to take taste requests and to bring spoonfuls of ice cream to people outside.  That way, when you finally make it inside, you know exactly what you want:

Hopefully.  There are so many amazing flavors that it's really difficult to choose.

Between the four of us, we managed to get two scoops of the earl grey and one of each the cinnamon walnut, the crunchy peanut butter, and the strawberry lemon sherbet:

Don't ask what my favorite was.  They were all fantastic.  We kept passing the cones around until every last bite was gone.

I love Berkeley.

2948 College Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 665-6054


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