Berkeley: Cheese Board

We could've ended the day with Tomales Bay, but that would've been dumb.  Instead, we took a detour to Berkeley, where we braved the line at Cheese Board to give CK a taste of "Californian pizza" (whatever that is):

Live music, the smell of baking pizza, the happy energy of pizza fans...basically, everything that's awesome about Berkeley in one room:

Cheese Board has a different pizza every day of the week, excepts Sundays and Mondays when it's closed.  You can choose to order one slice for $2.50 or a whole pie for $20:

I don't remember what the pizza of the day was, but I do remember it being gooooood.  I couldn't even be bothered by the fact that Cheese Board is vegetarian.  Or that the ingredients were organic and local.

The Cheese Board signature is the little extra sliver of pizza they toss in for free.  You get the same tiny sliver regardless of whether you order the slice or the whole pie.  It just tickles all my Chinese senses to think that I'm getting something additional for free.  I love it.

We couldn't find a table so we copied other people and had a pizza picnic on the median, where there was an obvious sign posted prohibiting people from sitting there.  That's another thing that's awesome about Berkeley...people don't give a sh*t.

Cheese Board
1512 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 549-3183


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