San Francisco: Toyose

Hiking is hard work.  By the time we got back to San Francisco from Muir Woods, we were all ready to pass out.  Well, after devouring some soup dumplings at Shanghai Dumpling King first.  

A nice afternoon nap later, the foir of us reconvened at Toyose for dinner:

It may look like someone's garage from the outside, but once you walk in, it becomes a little Korean getaway:

Strangely enough, instead of the usual panchan, a bowl of...popcorn was placed on our table:

I'll take panchan over popcorn any day of the week.

First things first...alcohol:

In spite of our tiring day, we planned on hitting up the dance scene later that night.  Some yogurt soju was definitely in order.  I may have nursed one shot for the entirety of the meal.  (The alcohol taste was still a bit too strong for me.)

I'd never heard of cheese corn before TT mentioned it:

It was exactly what its name implies.  Corn...and cheese.  On a sizzling platter.

The kimchi fried rice was decent, but our resident Korean, Carmen, wasn't too impressed:

The seafood pancake, however, was pretty bomb:

As were the chicken gizzards:

While Toyose won't be my go-to Korean restaurant in the city, I had a good time there with my girls.

We went on to have a blast at Bubble Lounge...until the creepy men started hovering.  Why do creepy men always have to ruin a fun girls' night out?


3814 Noriega St
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 731-0232


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