South Bay: China Palace Restaurant

My family friend seems to like China Palace Restaurant a lot, because he always wants to meet here:

My parents were asked last minute to pick up someone from the airport, so my sister and I headed to the restaurant first:

Before my family friend could arrive with his wife and kids in tow, I slipped some cash to the server and asked her to hold on to it for the final bill.

Booyah.  That's how you play dirty to pay the bill.  (Though I probably shouldn't reveal all my tricks on my blog.)  It's a Chinese thing.  Bringing honor on your ancestors and all that.

What's cute about China Palace Restaurant is the free pearl tea each people gets:

Mediocre at best, but hey, it's free!

Once we were all assembled, my sister and I sat back and let the adults do all the ordering. 

Here's some kind of spare rib clay pot dish:

The fried eggplants were bomb:

Someone threw in a veggie dish for the sake of having a "balanced" meal:

Salt and pepper fish:

Tofu with lotus leaf in a bamboo steamer:

And chicken wings for the kids:

Personally, I'm a fan of China Palace Restaurant.  The food isn't particularly special in any way, but everything is executed well.  And yea, the pictures on the wall are kind of tacky, but who really cares if the food is good?

Besides, you can't go wrong with free pearl tea.

For those of you who care, the expression on my family friend's face when he realized at the end of the meal that we'd beaten him to the bill?  PRICELESS.

China Palace Restaurant
688 Barber Ln
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 894-7060


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