Oakland: Shan Dong Restaurant

Everyone listen up!  This is important: I have found my favorite place in Oakland Chinatown.  


Oh, Shan Dong Restaurant, how I love you:

I love your complimentary hot and sour soup:

I love your special Shan Dong dumplings:

With your pork filling and special soy sauce:

But most of all, I love your noodles.  I love them in every form.  I love them in chicken chow mein:

I love them in sesame paste (my favorite so far) and in spicy meat sauce.  I love how they're thick and Q and SO DELICIOUS.

I also love how your servers are so friendly even though you're a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

I do wish, however, that you would open on Mondays.  Because I would like to get noodles on Mondays from time to time.  Why must you deny me, Shan Dong Restaurant?  Why?

Shan Dong Restaurant
328 10th St, Ste 101
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 839-2299


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