San Francisco: Rickybobby

We tried to go to Rickybobby Friday night, but the mass of people waiting outside by the time we arrived was so intimidating that we immediately gave up and left.

We tried again the next night.  This time, we arrived 30 minutes before the restaurant opened.  We were first in line:

People really started to show up bout 15 minutes before opening.  When Rickybobby opened at 6:00pm, we flooded in the door and filled up the place in a matter of minutes:

It's no surprise that the wait is so long.  The place is tiny (basically two rows of tables) and the food is DELICIOUS.

The menu is pretty concise and we ordered almost half of it (okay, that's a slight exaggeration...kinda).

We started off with the sweet potatertots ($5):

I don't usually like sweet potatoes, but the seasoning on these tots were the bomb diggity.  Seriously.

...but I would probably like them more if they were made with potatoes.

The beet salad ($7) was made heavenly by the addition of fried oysters (+$5):

The oysters were so light and crispy.  They rank way, way up there on my list of fried oyster awesomeness, right under or even equal to Fish Bar in Chicago.  The salad itself came with roasted beets, fennel, grapefruit, mache, and ranch yogurt.  Very refreshing.

The rest of the meal was rich and heavy.  Just how I like it.

There was the pulled pork sandwich ($9):

Habanero BBQ sauce, green chilies, tillamook cheddar...yum.

I've never liked grits, but Rickybobby changed my mind.  Because they were out of shrimp, instead of crawshrimp grits, we had crawbacon grits ($11):

The spicy broth was amazing.  The grits were cheesy and the house sausage was great.  I've never had grits so flavorful before.  Wow.  I'll never look at grits the same way again.

My favorite of the night was the lobster mac 'n cheese ($12):

Just look at that huge chunk of lobster:

The perfect level of cheesiness.  Bowtie pasta instead of the usual elbow.  Made healthy with corn and spinach (I'm delusional, so I've been told).  SO DAMN GOOD.

We were all super stuffed, but we couldn't turn down dessert.  All the desserts sounded yumtastic, but we finally settled on the warm pecan pie:

We wimped out and got the half pie ($4) instead of the whole pie ($7).  The pie came smushed and topped with house vanilla ice cream.  Sweet without being overpowering.

Rickybobby is a new favorite for me in the city.  If the wait wasn't so crazy (and if I actually lived in San Francisco), I would be there all the time.  The menu changes, so I can't wait to go back again!

400 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94102


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