San Francisco: Grindz

AF suggested that we grab Grindz for brunch Saturday morning:

Not much to talk about in terms of decor:

But this is a food blog and not an interior design one, so let's get to it!

The 4 of us each chose an entree.  AF picked the Hawaiian french toast:

Made with Portuguese sweet bread, it came with pure maple syrup, poached and pineapples.  The french toast itself was fine, but the pineapple had a bitterness to it that was off-putting.  Not a fan.  Boo.

I know what I like.  Which is why my pick was the chicken and waffles:

The chicken katsu was pretty standard, but the spam and cheese buttermilk waffles?  Oh, baby!:

Um.  More, please?

TT ordered the kalua benedict:

It was a very creative take on an eggs benedict.  The poached eggs rested on a bed of kalua pig, taro leaves, and toasted Hawaiian bread and was drizzled with tarragon hollandaise sauce.   Very yummy.  Even the potatoes were good.

My sister went with the Big Island:

It came with 2 eggs, potatoes, apple banana pancakes, and a choice of Portuguese sausage, bacon, or spam.  (My sister elected to go with the Portuguese sausage.)  Nothing too mind-blowing on this plate.  I don't even remember the pancakes...and I'm pretty sure I had some.  (I always eat my portion.  Unlike TT who wimps out on us every single time.)

The winner of the meal for me were the waffles.  I wouldn't mind some more, like, tomorrow for breakfast.

832 Clement St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 221-4746


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