South Bay: Hue Restaurant

Kinda out of nowhere, CK decided she wanted to escape Chicago and come visit my family in February.  We were a little confused by it (as she would have to spend most of her time at home with my parents while I was at work), but there was no deterring her.

We did, however, get to have some fun when the weekend rolled around.  TT came back from SF Friday night and she took us to Hue for some Vietnamese goodies:

Despite the late hour, the restaurant was plenty full:

As this was TT's area of expertise, we let her do all the ordering.

Hue is known for it banh beo or steamed rice cakes:

Add a spoonful of fish sauce on top, loosen the rice cake around the edges, and then slurp it all down in one tasty mouthful.  $3.50 is a fabulous price for a ticket to rice cake heaven.  TT says the banh beo at Hue isn't the best she's ever had, but it was certainly good enough for me.

The banh bot loc was something new for me:

The menu describes them as pork and shrimp tapioca dumplings.  I love glutinous things, so this was right up my alley.  The fried pork skin was another bonus.

I was a huge fan of the banh ram it:

The steamed glutinous dumpling on top contrasted interestingly against the fried glutinous dumpling below.  Loved the texture contrast.

To give us a break from all the rice flour, TT ordered hen xuc banh trang or stir fried baby clams with crispy rice chips:

The clams weren't too flavorful, but that's what fish sauce is for.  Break off a piece of rice chip, scoop up some clams, spoon on some fish sauce, and insert into your open mouth.  Easy peasy.

Super cheap.  Super quick.  Hue is a great place to hang out and eat to your heart's content.

The next day, the three of us went on a whale watching adventure in Monterey.  After almost freezing our asses off, we saw a few grey whale flukes (which I only scored one photo of) and a lot more water spouts.  While cool, I was rather hoping to see a whale leap out of the ocean.  Sigh.

Hue Restaurant
3005 Silver Creek Rd Ste 190
San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 223-1021


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