South Bay: Pink Elephant

I thought I'd posted about Pink Elephant before, but I guess I was delusional.  Sorry.

I swear I took pictures of the Mexican bakery before, but I can't find it anywhere.  Not on my computer, not in my external, and not in my phone.  Or my sister's.

Am I really delusional?

Sigh.  Anyway, Pink Elephant is a Mexican bakery that we discovered because it's close to my parents' community garden.  TT wanted to check it out, so after a day of learning how to make spring rolls from TT's mother, we swung by.

I don't have a picture of the outside, but hey, look!  Baked goodies abound!:

More baked goodies!:

Pink Elephant has all kinds of empanadas:

Pumpkin and guava are interesting and all, but my favorite is still the custard:

TT wanted to try the flan:

It's not Pink Elephant's fault, I'm just not a fan of flan.  Something about the texture of it just throws me off.

I do, however, love the pretzels:

Back in high school, my friend, Nana, used to bring me bags of these pretzels at a time and I would EAT IT ALL.  In fact, for my 21st birthday, she got me an entire tupperware box of pretzels.  I was in pretzel heaven for a week.

If I remember correctly, this bread was stuffed with cream cheese:


Love how cheap everything is at Pink Elephant.  Bring lots of cash though.  It's easy to go overboard once you see all the sweets laid out before you.

Pink Elephant
415 S King Rd
San Jose, CA 95116
(408) 923-3436


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