San Francisco: Gott's Roadside

Before my sister left for her semester abroad in Denmark, we started off local with a weekend in San Francisco with TT.

TT and my sister hung out during the day on Friday.  I met up with them in the city after I got out of work.  

We sat around and brainstormed for the longest time, but couldn't think of a place to get dinner.  Eventually ended up at Gott's Roadside in the Ferry Building:

I don't remember what our thought process was that led us to Gott's Roadside, but apparently quite a few other people came to the same conclusion:

Even though it was cold out, we couldn't turn down an espresso bean shake:

So rich and yummy.  A brain freeze never felt so good.  Too bad it was $5.99 a cup.

The 3 of us split a Texas burger:

The Texas burger came with jack cheese, avocado, pickled jalapenos, salsa, and mayo on a toasted egg bun:

As burgers go, it was rather so-so.

As were the garlic fries:

The ahi poke crispy tacos were interesting:

I think I would have enjoyed it more if there was no crispy taco shell.  The taco shell made the entire thing rather difficult to eat.  One bite and the rest shattered.  The ahi poke and the avocado was great with the spicy mayo (and a squeeze of lime) though.  Raw tuna can save any dish.

I won't be in line for a burger at Gott's, but I might be tempted back for another shake (if I can turn a blind eye to the price).

Gott's Roadside
1 Ferry Bldg
Marketplace Shop 6
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 318-3423


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