South Bay: San Jose Flea Market

My dad had the brilliant idea to bike from our house to the flea market one day.  It sounded do-able, but my naivete became apparent when we got to the first traffic light and I realized that my thighs were BURNING.

By the time we got to the flea market, I wanted to lie down and never get up again.  I didn't even want to think about the ride home.  

The original goal was to look for a rug to replace the one in our living room. A quick perusal of the rug offerings at a couple of stalls told us that we weren't going to find what we wanted at the flea market.  We then switched our sights toward getting some food, which led us down this row of produce:

I spotted this aguas frescas stand from far, far away:

So many options!  My dad and I finally decided on one cup of horchata and one cup of cantaloupe juice for $3 each:

Definitely not cheap.  But we couldn't be too picky.  The horchata was kind of disappointing, but the cantaloupe juice was exactly what I wanted.

It took us a while to find a place to eat.  The Chuck Wagon looked like it had some foot traffic, so we negligently parked our bikes outside and went in:

When I saw menudo on the menu, I had to order it:

The innards in the menudo were cut up pretty small and it wasn't easy to figure out what was what:

The menudo came with onions, some kind of seasoning, and two tortillas:

And packets of lemon juice, which cracked me up:

Unfortunately, the soup was bland and could barely be saved by the lemon juice packets.  The quest for the perfect menudo continues!

The ride back home wasn't any better than the ride to the flea market.  My butt will never be the same.

If we ever go to the flea market again (before it gets transformed into the San Jose Bart station), we're driving. Or walking.  Anything but biking.  Even aguas frescas aren't worth the pain.

San Jose Flea Market
1590 Berryessa Rd
San Jose, CA 95133
(408) 453-1110


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