Oakland: Rico's Diner

Sometimes you just get tired of eating sandwiches for lunch every day.  My coworkers and I took our lunch break one day at Rico's Diner, just one block from our office:

We weren't the only people tired of sandwiches:

You place your order and pay at the counter, then wait for your food to come to your table.

I took the simple route and got the cheeseburger, but splurged on tater tots:

Burgers are beautiful:

So are tater tots.  No.  Tater tots are more than beautiful.  Tater tots are downright sexy.

Don't expect gourmet burgers at Rico's, but do expect to be satisfied.  Though $5.99 is a bit much for a basic cheeseburger, there aren't many options around my office.  Rico's is a good place to go if you're seeking a break from boring old sandwiches.

Rico's Diner
400 15th St
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 444-8424


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