San Francisco: Tea Way

I've found that since living in Chicago, I jump at every opportunity to drink pearl tea.  $3 a cup?  Doesn't bother me.

On one of my many weekends spent in SF with TT, AF introduced us to Tea Way:

The inside of Tea Way looks like every other pearl tea place:

Except for one thing...self serve additions:

It's up to you to dump as much or as little jellies, pearls, basil seed, and puddings in your cup as your little heart desires.  The only limit is the size of your cup.

I went with lychee jelly, rainbow jelly, and regular tapioca pearls:

After filling your cup as you wish, you leave it on the counter to be filled with the drink of your choice.

I like regular milk tea:

Not bad for $2.50.

If you like things done your way, Tea Way is for you.

There are three Tea Way locations within one block from each other, so take your pick.  One is drinks only, the other has tables and crepes, whereas the one I went to has only a counter, but serves both drinks and snacks.

Apparently, Tea Way also owns the Japanese restaurant next door, so you're allowed to bring your drinks and food there if you want a place to sit and enjoy.

Tea Way
2150 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122


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