Tri-City: Hong Kong Chef

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  To celebrate the start of 2013, I bring you...a new post.  Now, now.  Curb your excitement.  We can't have mass fainting on the first day of the new year.

I'm trying to catch up.  Really.

My parents brought me to Hong Kong Chef after work one day because the roast pork was supposedly the best ever:

The restaurant was empty at first, but people gradually trickled in:

We started with the smoked pork knuckle:

And the fried pork intestine:

We love all things fried.  Including the fried tofu:

My dad had described the crisp skin, the melt-in-your-mouth-delicious fat, and the thin sliver of meat of the roast pork belly in almost grotesque detail:

Only to be gravely disappointed when the pork belly came...cold.  Not what my father remembered at all.  He asked our server about it and was told that this type of pork belly typically comes cold.  My father was not happy.  He sent it back with a dismissive wave.  And a heartbroken smile.

Too bad.

The lettuce cups with minced basil chicken and pine nuts that my mom requested was much better received:

The crab meat E fu noodles, not so much:

Whereas the shrimp chow fun with egg gravy style just confused us:

There's rice noodle under that.  Yea.

The disappointment of the pork belly was crushing, but dinner wasn't a total loss.  Everything else ranged from good (the noodles) to great (the pork knuckles).  The prices are also pretty reasonable given the amount of food you get.

All in all, not bad.  I can kinda see why my parents keep coming back.

Hong Kong Chef
46356 Warm Springs Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 573-4066


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