San Francisco: Hong Kong Lounge

Thanks to AF's prodding, we managed to beat the rush to Hong Kong Lounge Sunday morning:

We arrived just a little after they opened, but the place filled up quick:

Instead of carts circling the restaurant, you order off of a menu by marking it with a pencil.  It may or may not have been a while since any of us had dim sum.  We may or may not have gone a little crazy with the ordering.

This is going to be another one of those dim sum posts where I just photo dump and you all ooh and aah.  You think I'm joking.

I'm not.

Okay, here we go!  First up, tripe:

Ooooh.  Aaaaah.

Next, thousand year old egg with pork congee, which came with a bowl of fried Chinese donut (you tiao) and a bowl of green onions:

The most surprising and most delicious thing that morning were these pineapple buns:

With - surprise! - bbq pork inside:

The bread was so soft it was ridiculous.  Best.  Thing.  Ever.

The taro puffs were good, but oily:

We got rice noodles with beef:

And rice noodles with shrimp:

Shu mai are a given at any dim sum place:

We may have gone a bit overboard with the fried dumplings (xian shui jiao):

More than enough for 5 people, yea?

Shrimp dumplings are also a must:

As are steamed spare ribs:

And phoenix claws:

Can't forget the turnip cakes:

And we would've been remiss to skip the pan fried chive dumplings (one of my faves):

We threw in some steamed meatballs just for fun:

Hong Kong Lounge may be one the better dim sum places I've been to in the City.  I would definitely be back again.  The place is clean, the service efficient, and of course, the food is downright delicious.

I wonder if they do the pineapple bbq buns to go...

Hong Kong Lounge
5233 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 668-8836


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