San Francisco: Mo's Grill

On Thursday, one of my coworkers invited me out for lunch.  She solemnly informed me that there isn't much to choose from in terms of food options around our workplace, but that there is a little burger place called Mo's Grill tucked away on the second floor of the Yerba Buena Gardens:

I ordered the mushroom burger at my coworker's suggestion:

We split an order of fries:

So much fries.  It was ridiculous how big that one order was.  The two of us couldn't finish it and because I was meeting my friend for dinner, I couldn't pack it home either.  Such a waste!

The sun was out for a change, so I very much welcomed the opportunity to get out of the office and breathe some fresh air.  All my coworkers at the union are super nice, but this particular one has always gone out of her way to make me feel at home.  The two of us had a great time just chatting and getting to know one another.  I really hope we'll have more such lunches during the rest of my internship. 

Now that I know that Yerba Buena Gardens is more than an ice rink and a merry-go-round, I'm definitely going to be back to explore some more!

Edit: My friend informed me that this post has nothing to do with food (besides the pictures).  So I would just like to say on the record that the burger was pretty damn good.

Mo's Grill
772 Folsom St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 957-3779


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