San Francisco: A La Turca

I've been trying to alternate my days between eating out and eating saltine crackers and fruit at home.  So far it's been working out okay.

On one of my days eating out, I met with my old roomie at A La Turca:

I decided to walk there from my studio and while I didn't mind so much the sketchiness of the neighborhood, the uphill climb really got to me.  Who was the genius that decided to build SF on a hill?

Anyway, A La Turca had a charming feel to it:

It was our first time trying Turkish cuisine, so we had a lot of help from our friendly server.  First up was a nice, pillow-y bread:

We figured we should at least pretend to be healthy by picking a veggie dish.  We went with the patlican biber kizartma, which is fried eggplant and bell pepper with red house sauce, garlic, and yogurt:

Okay, so maybe fried veggies aren't exactly healthy, but they're still veggies!

I read quite a few reviews about the beyti kebap:

It's basically ground lamb wrapped in lavash bread on a bed of special sauce and yogurt.  The bread was dense and doughy and resembled more a super thick tortilla than your typical bread.

We were thinking of making it a lamb night, but ultimately decided to break it up by ordering the ground meat (beef) pide:

The ground beef in the pide was a tad dry, but nothing some yogurt and "secret sauce" couldn't fix.  Yogurt isn't really my favorite thing in the world, but even I have to acknowledge that there's something yummy about the tartness of yogurt combined with the tangy-ness of the "secret sauce" and the saltiness of the ground meat (whether it be lamb or beef).   

It's always fun to try something new.  Now I can say that I've tried Turkish food and I liked it.  I love how diverse San Francisco much to choose from, but so little time!

A La Turca
869 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 345-1011


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