San Francisco: Mitchell's Ice Cream

While I was wary about having pho for breakfast, I've never balked at the idea of having ice cream in the morning.  After our immensely satisfying meal at Turtle Tower, we piled into T's car and made a trip down to Mitchell's Ice Cream:

So much ice cream to sample from:

T went with the coconut-pineapple:

At the guy behind the counter's recommendation, I chose the seasonal special, cantaloupe:

My old roomie got the grasshopper pie:

All the ice cream flavors were uh-MAY-zing.  I've yet to be disappointed at Mitchell's (though to be fair, I've only been twice).

Mitchell's also offers pre-packaged cartons, all of which looked extremely tempting to me from outside:

I like my ice cream pretty basic.  I get turned off when ice cream comes packed with lots of...stuff in it.  Mitchell's offers straightforward flavors with none of the frou-frou frills.

We were really sad that they didn't have avocado ice cream this time (apparently they don't make it in the summer), but that just means another trip is required in the fall!

Mitchell's Ice Cream
688 San Jose Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 648-2300


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