San Francisco: Bloem 'n Sugar

After T hit the road on Saturday, my college roomie and I got down to business.  Shopping it serious stuff, especially for someone like me who isn't very good at it.  I was on a mission to find a pair of flats and a light jacket and because I didn't want to suffer alone, I dragged my old roomie along with me.

We started our shopping excursion at the Westfield Shopping Centre.  Before we left to hike up to Union Square, we stopped by Bloem 'n Sugar for a much needed energy boost:

An entire store dedicated to Belgian waffles.  In a mall.  How evil is that?:

There's a huge list of toppings to choose from.  You can build your own waffle or take the easy way out by ordering one of their creations.

There are three types of waffles:

The Brussel waffle is made of batter, while the liege waffle is made of dough.  The liege waffle is denser and doughier with a carmelized sugar crust.  We went with the mini-waffles beacuse they were $1 each, plus $0.50 for 2 toppings.  Don't want to get too full during a shopping day.  Bloated tummies and trying on clothes don't mix well.

We each designed our own mini waffle.  Mine was nutella with bacon:

When I gave my order, the two people behind the counter paused and gave me the weirdest looks.  Psh.  As if they'd never heard of bacon in dessert before.  Amateurs.  I know my stuff.  My mini waffle was amazing.

My old roomie wanted speculoose with strawberries:

We had to ask what speculoose is because we'd both never heard of it before.  Apparently it's a type of European cookie that's then made into a spread.  It's subtly sweet and quite delicious.

But nutella is better.

My mini waffle rocked.

Bloem 'n Sugar
Westfield San Francisco Centre
865 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 615-0064


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