Chicago: Taqueria Los Comales #3

My friend had the worst experience at Honky Tonk BBQ...not during her meal but afterward.  She accidentally left her credit card at the restaurant and when she called to see if it had been picked up, the person she talked to was incredibly rude.  A little put off by the conversation, my friend went on Yelp to write a review.  A few hours later she received a call from the same person she spoke with earlier, who confronted her about the review.

Understandably, my friend dreaded going to Honky Tonk to pick up her credit card.  I went along with her to offer my support...and to get Mexican food afterwards.

I sat in the car while my friend went in to get her card.  Just as I was getting a little worried over how much time it was taking her to get her card back, my friend reemerged from the restaurant.  She was visibly shaken up.  Apparently the person who she spoke with over the phone tried to "discuss" her Yelp review in person, right at the front of the entire restaurant.

It was destined to be a night of bad luck because after her encounter at Honky Tonk, we tried to eat at two separate Mexican restaurants and both were either closed or in the process of closing.  We finally found ourselves at Los Comales #3:

Nothing like a taqueria that opens late into the night.

Too bad the chips were stale:

The horchata was decent, but a little too sweet for me:

I was still trying to get over the flu at the time and I figured that a carne asada burrito would help me on my road to recovery:

Boy, did it help:

Cheap eats.  Late night.  Carne asada.  Oh, baby.

Unfortunately, our night was tainted by my friend's awful ordeal at Honky Tonk BBQ.  The funny thing is my friend didn't even write a particularly scathing review.  All that drama over a Yelp review?  Spare me.

I apologize for dedicating more space in this post on Honky Tonk than on Los Comales, where I actually did eat at.  But just thinking about Honky Tonk still makes me irritated.  Let's just say Honky Tonk is no longer on my list of places to check out in Chicago.

Taqueria Los Comales #3
1544 W 18th St
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 666-2251


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