San Francisco: The Grove

During our last get-together, CL brought up the possibility of an August trip to S. America.  She got AF and I all fired up about it.  Machu Picchu!  Iguazu Falls!  We each started doing our own individual research, but when that wasn't producing anything concrete, we met up last Tuesday to just sit down and figure out the logistics as a team.

Before we got down to business, we took a little detour to The Grove for dinner:

The Grove is like a mix between a restaurant and a cafe.  People were eating full-on meals while typing away on their laptops.  The tables even had outlets within easy reach.  Too bad we left our laptops at AF's house.  We could have gotten quite a lot of work done during dinner.

First you place your order at the counter:

Then you take a letter and wait at your table:

CL ordered the chicken pot pie:

There's something about CL and getting overly smoky food.  The crust on her pot pie came out more than a little burnt.  Not going to lie...I found it hilarious.

Her burnt chicken pot pie also came with a salad:

AF went with the chicken enchilada:

As for myself, I had the steak florentine sandwich:

The sandwich was very, very good.  The bread was perfectly toasted.  The avocado, tomato, and salsa verde  bound everything together nicely.  My only complaint would be that the steak was overcooked and tough to chew.  I couldn't take a bite of the sandwich without ending up with a piece of steak hanging out of my mouth.    Not attractive at all.

Good thing we grabbed dinner because the three of us stayed up until 2:00 am putting together a spreadsheet of how much travelling to and around S. America would cost.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we'll be putting that spreadsheet to good use.  Due to various complications, at this point, the trip seems unlikely.

Oh well, at least now we know more about Peru and Brazil than we ever did before.  And it'll definitely save us time when we do decide to go in the future...because we definitely will one day.  Mark my words.

The Grove
2016 Fillmore St
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 474-1419


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