San Francisco: Delfina Pizzeria

First meal in San Francisco!  Well, first meal out on the town, that is.  (All my previous meals were either from my labor union events or me by myself in my studio with my crackers and dip.)  Woot woot!  My best friend was in the city for a retreat, so we met up for dinner in the Mission Wednesday evening.  There's so much to look at in the Mission.  We took our time walking around before we finally decided on Delfina Pizzeria (we didn't feel like splurging on a meal at Delfina next door):

The servers at Delfina Pizzeria are just as quirky and hip as the interior design:

Besides the awesome mural on the wall, there's also a blackboard on which people write their names and party sizes as they walk in.  DIY, yo.  Love it.

I also love their breadsticks:

Super crunchy and lots of fun to eat.

Deferring to our server's glowing praise, we ordered the sand dabs with aioli:

We had to ask what a sand dab is.  Apparently it's a kind of white fish.  The sand dabs were lightly breaded and fried.  The burst of lemon was genius.  The aioli wasn't anything special, but it went well with the fish.

I had my eye on the broccoli raab pizza:

The pizza came with broccoli raab, caciocavallo, mozzarella, olives, and supposedly hot peppers too (but I didn't find any).  The broccoli raab was fantastic and the pizza super cheesy, but the olives...not a fan.  They were almost shockingly bitter.  I loved the crust too, thin and crisp at the bottom, but doughy on the edges.

I was quite pleased by my first real meal in SF.  If the rest of the summer is anything like this, I'm in for some awesome food memories.  Yay!

Delfina Pizzeria
3611 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 437-6800


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