San Francisco: Le Central

One of my college roommates just graduated grad school this summer from Stanford.  Luckily, she's planning on staying on in the Bay.  I contacted her to see when she would be free to meet and through a series of text messages we managed to coordinate time, date, and location.

She wanted steak, so my other old roomie gave her two Dine About Town dinner options.  Of the two, she chose Le Central:

Okay, this is going to get confusing if I don't give monikers to my friends because I was roommates with both of them back in undergrad.  So my friend from Stanford I'm going to call CL and my friend who is living and working in San Francisco I'm going to call AF.  There.

Now back to business.  Dine About Town is the SF Restaurant Week.  A 2-course lunch was set at $17.95 and a 3-course dinner went for $34.95.

Before walking into the restaurant, I saw this sign:

Guess what I ordered?

I'm getting ahead of myself here.  Take a look at the interior first:

So...empty.  Okay, so it was a Tuesday night, but still.  I guess that should have been our warning sign.

The bread was a good start:

There were 3 appetizers to choose from.  I picked the onion soup gratinee:

Since both CL and AF wanted the crab cake beurre blanc:

None of us were interested in the butter lettuce salad.  We all have more sense than that.

Both AF and CL ordered the angus ribeye steak with bordelaise sauce:

Just to break the pattern (and because of the sign outside), I decided to try the "Le Central" cassoulet:

The cassoulet was a white bean stew with duck confit, lamb, sausage, and pork.  It was very thick and meaty.  I was smart to take the different route because my dish was way more appetizing than the steak my friends ordered.

In fact, CL's steak was so smoky that she couldn't finish it.  When she tried to ask for another one, the server advised her to switch to the grilled salmon beurre nantais instead because it would come out faster:

She took that advice, but the salmon came out super smoky as well.  Must be something about Le Central's grill.  Or it could just be CL's bad luck.

There were 3 dessert options and we ordered one of each.  Starting with the creme brulee:

The tiramisu:

And the lemon tart:

I think the only thing I liked was the whipped cream that came with the lemon tart.  The creme brulee had more of an egg tart consistency, which AF loved, but I was not a fan of.

Probably not the best DAT choice, but oh well.  Better luck next year?  Definitely my least favorite meal in SF so far (and that includes the food court food I got from a union meeting).

Le Central
453 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 391-2233


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