Chicago: Chi Cafe (Revisited)

My roommate wanted to meet up in Chinatown.  I told her to find the restaurant with the most Asian-looking people inside.  Turns out that was Chi Cafe.

We managed to make it in time for their happy hour specials, where you get one dish and one drink for $4.75.  Too good of a deal to pass up.  We picked the beef tripe noodle soup and HK style milk tea:

My roommate wasn't a fan of the lettuce leaves in the soup, but I didn't mind.  The beef could've been cooked a little longer, but for $4.75, who's complaining?

I seize every chance to order intestine.  Here's the sizzling pork intestine, which gets its name from the sizzling plate (duh):

Ever since I told her about duck tongue, my roomie has been dying to try it.  When we spotted duck tongue on the menu, we had to give it a try.  After some discussion with our server, we were persuaded to choose the duck tongue with mushroom over the one with XO sauce:

Pretty legit stuff, but still can't beat Chinese food back in California.  Sigh.

The happy hour deals are definitely worth going back for though.  The cheap Chinese in me approves.

Chi Cafe
2160A S Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 842-9993


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