Hong Kong: Tong Shui Lo Dessert

While we had some time for dessert before T had to leave for the airport, we definitely did not have any stomach space.  But that didn't stop us from dropping by Tong Shui Lo Dessert:

It was actually closed on our first attempt, so we took a break at McDonald's.  (I'll post about that later.)  When Tang Shui Lo finally opened for business, we trooped in to find that plenty other people were eager for dessert too:

Instead of ordering one dessert as we should have done, we ordered three.  Of course.

We got the simple coconut sago:

The mochi with peanut sugar:

And this sago beast:

I don't remember what it was called, but it was filled with all kinds of beans:

Beans, even sweet beans, are good in moderation, in my opinion.  When I'm looking at a bowlful, I lose interest after a few bites.

My favorite was the coconut sago.  CL, on the other hand, loved the mochi.  Or at least she loved the peanut sugar.  She was scraping the peanut sugar off the bowl and looked so pitiful doing it that I actually felt kind of embarrassed.

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