Hong Kong: Lung Fung Cafe

After T left for the airport, we met up with CL's friend, LW, to trek up to The Peak.  Well, not that we did any trekking.  A tram did all the work.  We just had to wait over an hour in line to get onto the damn thing.

Since LW has been working in Hong Kong for a while, we took the opportunity to pick her brain on where to eat.  She mentioned that there was a very good thick toast place near her home in Causeway Bay.  When we told her that we were going to follow her home, she thought we were kidding.

We weren't.

We really followed her home and made her take us to Lung Fung Cafe:

It was dinnertime, but we weren't there for dinner.  We were there for pre-dinner snack.

Pre-dinner snack included a fresh butter pineapple bun (23 HKD):

So soft and warm.

And baked fries with cheese (55 HKD):

Which could have used a bit more salt.

And finally, the entire reason why we stalked LW home in the first place, the french toast (22 HKD):

Just as LW described, the toast was super thick and uber buttery.  Don't be scared by the huge dollop of butter on top.  Trust me, it's crucial.  Butter is love.  And I love thick toast.  It's so soft and fragrant and lovely.

Lung Fung Cafe is what's known as a cha chaan teng or tea restaurant.  As such, there are a lot of Western dishes with a notably Hong Kong flair.  Hence the fries and the french toast.  Wish we had more stomach space to try more.  I was still pretty stuffed from all the eating earlier in the day and poor CL was actually expected to have dinner with her family afterwards.

CL had to peace out for her family dinner, but LW was kind enough to take AF and me to a giant flower market nearby.  Flower markets are sprawling street markets set up for Chinese New Year.  While there are definitely aisle after aisle dedicated to flowers, you can find just about everything at a flower market.  From pillows in the shape of the Instagram logo to political caricatures of the unpopular president to sweet snacks to shower heads.

The flower market we went to spanned what felt like multiple lots.  At first, there was a decent number of people wandering around along with us.  Then all of a sudden, we found ourselves caught up in an alarming tidal wave of people, bumping shoulder to shoulder, struggling to squeeze our way through.  Where did all those people come from?  It was moderately terrifying.  Vendors from the stalls (mostly college-aged kids) were yelling in our ears, trying to get us to stop to view their wares, and people pushed in from what seemed like all sides.

I can't believe that couples actually go to flower markets for dates.  Can someone please explain to me what's so romantic about being squished like a sardine?

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  1. guhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i would totally go back to hong kong just for the toast.

  2. and for everything else you've mentioned. HEE HEE.


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